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We are in the process of revising Trinity's committee structure.  As the new committees develop, additional information will be provided here.

To maximize efficiency and minimize the strain on everyone’s time, Trinity has instituted a parish-wide Committee Night. All committees meet at the church on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. With this structure, one committee can consult with another instantly, making for fewer meetings and quicker progress in accomplishing our many, often multi-faceted goals. Click on the links at the left to learn about the work each committee has been charged with, who serves on that committee, and how you can contact them with questions, suggestions or an offer to volunteer.

Note: Some of these committees do not meet every month, especially during the Summer.  If you would like to participate you may wish to contact the church office, a member of the vestry or a member of the committee itself to learn more.



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