Lay Readers


There are several ways in which the laity can play an official part in Episcopal services. Layreaders are adult members of the church (the Episcopal church recognizes confirmed teens as adults). They are responsible for reading the lessons, leading the psalms and leading the prayers of the people during the church service. They also serve as chalice bearers during Communion. Official training is required for this position, and all Layreaders must be registered with the diocese.

Chalice Bearers may choose to be layreaders or just assist in serving the wine at Communion. As with Layreaders, all Chalice Bearers must be trained and licensed.

Chapel Leaders are teens and adults who love children and God and want to share that love with our youngest members. Chapel Leaders lead a simplified church service for the children in kindergarten, pre-school and Cribbery, complete with prayers, offering, songs and mini-sermon. There is a set service printed out to guide Chapel Leaders through the service.

There is no minimum or maximum time commitment for Layreaders, Chalice Bearers and Chapel Leaders. Responsibility for these positions rotates, and most people end up serving once every 4-6 weeks.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Diane Pelrine through the church office.


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