Prayer Chain


The Prayer Chain is composed of a few faithful members who, with the help of Almighty God, uphold daily in prayer the special needs, concerns, and thanksgiving for blessings of the Parish family. The Prayer Chain exists for you, the family at Trinity, to share your needs and concerns before Almighty God. To share any requests, you may contact our clergy or our Parish Administrator, and the information will be passed on to the Prayer Chain members.  Requests should be made by or about members of our Parish family and will be removed from the list at the next meeting unless we receive further information that the individual is still in need of prayer. Please be assured that all information shared with us will be kept with strict confidence within the members of the Prayer Chain.

The Prayer Chain at Trinity meets monthly on the second Sunday at 9:00 A.M. for twenty minutes or so for the purpose of updating our prayer lists, to share needs, and to Praise God for the answers to prayer during the past month. We do welcome and urgently seek new members to join our small group, and if you feel so called in this direction, just come and join us at our meetings, or let Jennifer in the office know of your interest.

(Contact information is available here.)


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