The Stewardship Committee is charged with securing the financial stability of the parish. This is primarily accomplished through tithing, in the form of pledges from parish members who donate on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Although "tithe” in its original usage meant 10% of a family’s income, Trinity simply asks that you deeply and prayerfully consider what you can give to support your spiritual home and family. Although plate donations during the services are greatly appreciated, pledging is what gives the church a solid financial base, upon which we are able to build reliable income projections and most importantly, a responsible and realistic budget.

Pledge cards (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) are sent to every member of the parish in November and are collected on the aptly named "Collection Sunday”. You will then receive a box of numbered envelopes in which to make your offering. Whether you send it to the church or place it in the collection plate during the service, using your envelopes helps us properly credit your donation; at year’s end, you will receive a statement that can be attached to your income tax form to support your charitable deduction claim.

If you become a parish member after pledges have been collected, you may still fill out a pledge card and receive a box of pledge envelopes by contacting the church office at 508-384-3958, e-mailing the church administrator or contacting the stewardship vestryperson.

While there is no doubt that this committee’s work is both delicate and challenging, it is vital to the health of this parish, and new volunteers are always welcomed!


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