Parish Election Process

Vestry of Trinity Episcopal Church

As of February 2018:

Members of the Trinity Vestry are elected to terms of one, two or three years, depending on the position.  Elections are held at the Annual Meeting of the Parish in early February.  The process we follow for these elections is outlined here.

Co-Wardens: (two-year term with a term limit of two successive terms). These two people work together with the rector as the team, ultimately responsible for overseeing all affairs of the parish.  Linda Aries, elected in February 2017 and Diane Pelrine, elected in February 2018 currently hold these positions.

Treasurer: (one-year term with no term limits). Responsibilities pertain to the fiduciary life of the parish, and include acting as liaison between the Finance Committee and Vestry. Mike Dacko, first elected in February 2018, currently holds this position. For more details about this position, click here.

Clerk: (one-year term with no term limits). This person maintains the minutes of all Vestry meetings and other such meetings of the parish as the Vestry may call to order, e.g. the Annual Meeting. This position is currently open.

In addition to these positions, there are nine Vestry members who serve three year terms and must take one year break between terms.  Vestry members have oversight over the various committees that have been set up to focus on various aspects of our parish mission.  More information about the committees can be found here.

Positions that expire in 2019:
  Vin Costanzo
  Beth Herbst
  Anita Milham
  Carolyn Sweeney

Positions that expire in 2020:
  Verna Holst
  Ed Meixner
  Jane Robison

Positions that expire in 2021:
  Irene Levesque
  Joan Tansi




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