Just What is #2069?

The campaign to end the stigma of opioid addiction

The yard signs “#2069” that you may have seen in a growing number of locations are a stark reminder, that in 2016 in the State of Massachusetts alone, 2069 beautiful souls died as a direct result of opioid abuse and addiction.

The signs are not intended to be simply a memorial to those lost but a call for deeper awareness of this epidemic in our midst. They are an invitation for us all to unite as a common voice of concern, of support for those who live with or confront this epidemic every day, and a voice working to erase the stigma that surrounds those caught in the storms of addiction.

The idea for the signs and the campaign began with the work of the Trinity Episcopal Church’s Outreach Committee as they sought to know better their call in the world immediately outside the door of their faith community.

The goal is simple. Using digital and social media, yard signs, and employing a bit of hard work, the goal is to create a partnership with individuals, faith communities, families, businesses and others to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic, to encourage those who serve on the front lines of this crisis and to talk openly and with understanding about the impact this epidemic has on our world.

Join Us in the Effort

As a faith community, an individual, a family, or business, please join us in this effort.

The Outreach Committee at 508-384-3958 or join the Facebook group  #2069_signs.