A Brief History of Trinity Episcopal Church

by Lindsey Steward, Parish Historian

Trinity Episcopal Church has opened its doors to all for many years in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Our church has a rich history of communion services and serving the community by helping those in need. What started as a small community, the parish continues to grow and become more involved in Wrentham and surrounding communities.

According to the historical documents and narratives, the first Episcopal service was held in Cook’s Hall in July of 1863 which was conducted by Reverend Dr. Babcock of Dedham. When the first episcopal service took place, there were only two communicants who participated in the service. In December of the same year, the Christmas Fair was created to raise funds to benefit the Church. This annual tradition continues to this day.

On June 6, 1864, our church name, Trinity, was received. A few months later on December 7, 1864 Reverend Allen became the first rector of Trinity. In addition to services, Trinity also established its Sunday School first organized on December 11, 1864.

The Trinity community was eventually able to purchase land to build the church. In June of 1872, Trinity was completed. The first church service was held in the new church on June 30, 1872.

When the church was completed, the congregation and Vestry added to the church. For instance, a bell was put into place in Trinity Church’s tower and it was rung for the first time on Easter Sunday, April 16, 1876. Also, years later, the Parish Hall was started in 1947 and completed in 1954. The rectory was started in 1955 and completed in 1956.

Trinity was officially consecrated on January 2, 1879 by Right Reverend B.H. Paddock, Bishop of Massachusetts.

Trinity parishioners were, and continue to be, dedicated to preserving Trinity’s history. In 1955, the interior of the Church was restored. In 1999, Trinity went through a number of changes on the outside including the steeple, bridal entrance, and front steps. This project was known as Trinity Beautification. Also, the stained glass windows were later restored and put back in place.

For over 150 years, Trinity Episcopal Church and its parishioners strive to know, embrace, and share Christ in a loving community.