Vestry 2020-2021

Vestry Contact Information

Vestry Contact Information

Vestry Contact Information

The wardens of Trinity Episcopal Church can be reached by email at

Co-Warden: Eoghan Bacon

Co-Warden: Christopher Young

Treasurer: Wayne Burt

Clerk: Gail Olyha


Beth Herbst

Irene Levesque

Hedley Marks

Chip McGinn

 Larry Medeiros 

Judi Mitchell

John Redman

Joan Tansi

Joe Wencus

Vestry Roles and Terms

Vestry Contact Information

Vestry Contact Information

Members of the Trinity Vestry are elected to terms of one, two, or three years, depending on the position:  

  • Co-Wardens (two-year term with a term limit of two successive terms): These two people work together with the rector as a team, ultimately responsible for overseeing all affairs of the parish.  
  • Treasurer (one-year term with no term limits): This person has responsibilities pertaining to the fiduciary life of the parish, and include acting as liaison between the Finance Committee and Vestry.   
  • Clerk (one-year term with no term limits: This person maintains all minutes of Vestry meetings and other such meetings of the parish as the Vestry may call to order, e.g. the Annual Meeting.  
  • Members: In addition to the above positions, there are nine Vestry members who serve three-year terms and must take a one-year break between terms. Vestry members have oversight over the various committees that have been set up to focus on various aspects of our parish mission.

The parish follows parliamentary procedures, and campaigning or solicitation of votes before the annual meeting is prohibited.

Lay Leadership & Parish REpresentatives

Lay Leadership

Parish Representatives

Parish Representatives

Members of a religious group who are not an ordained minister or priest are members of the laity.  The noun laity is from the word lay, and lay person has a similar church meaning.  The word lay itself is from the Greek word laikos meaning “of the people.”    

Each Episcopal parish is governed by an elected group of lay members known collectively as the Vestry.  Elections for open positions are held at the Annual Meeting of the parish.  Using a process outlined in the sample by-laws of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, Trinity’s current Vestry appoints a nominating committee, who then diligently searches the parish for a recommended candidate to fill each empty seat.  Any other parishioner may also run for any open position, simply by self-nomination during the election portion of the Annual Meeting, or having another person nominate him or her. In the case of more than one candidate for a position, a written ballot will be taken immediately, and the results tallied by the rector and parish administrator.  Simple majority decides the election.    

In addition to the Vestry, there are other opportunities to become involved in church leadership.  Every parish sends both clergy and lay representatives to the diocesan Annual Convention to represent the parish.  In addition, Trinity is part of the Taunton River Deanery and sends members of the parish to represent us at Deanery meetings.  All of these representative positions are elected offices, with elections held during the Annual Meeting in February.  Nominations are taken during the meeting itself.

Parish Representatives

Parish Representatives

Parish Representatives

Delegates to Diocesan Annual Convention

Anita Milham

Eoghan Bacon

Alternate delegate: 

Linda Aries

Representatives to the Taunton River Deanery

Bonnie Meyers

Diane Pelrine